Bob & Shirley

Sandi Chabassol is willing to sit and take the time to explain the entire selling process, which was very important to us. For both of our property sales, she provided excellent service and was very knowledgeable and patient. We will recommend her to everyone!

Susan & John

Sandi Chabassol was amazing at everything she has done during this transaction. She has a very calming and understanding personality. We highly recommend Sandi to anyone we know.


Sandi is an amazing sales agent. She is classy and when it comes to business she gets it done! She went above and beyond and was there for me every step of the way. She’s incredible and we were very impressed with how hard she works and has her clients bests interests in mind. I highly recommend Sandi when buying or selling!

Angie & Steve

Sandi was very enthusiastic and helpful during the sale of our home. Her marketing and advertising of our property was excellent. We highly recommend Sandi when you want to sell.


Sandi Chabassol was extremely effective in marketing my property to the right buyers. She was helpful in e   very way even outside of just selling my home. I highly recommend Sandi.


Sandi Chabassol is very helpful, thoughtful and knowledgeable. She is very effective with communicating and offer negotiations. We recommend Sandi for your real estate needs.


Sandi Chabassol is wonderful! Hands down to one of the best people ever, in the industry. Sandi went above and
beyond our expectations…all I have to say is “wow”! Sandi was always available, continuously communicated with us and had our best interests in mind at all times.


I was extremely satisfied with the services provided by Sandi. Sandi was fantastic, and I’m confident that she helped me get the best deal on both of my transactions. She is always available and answered all of my questions as a first home buyer. She is attentive, caring and thorough, and I look forward to working with her again in the future. She has a friendly and easy going attitude and always had my needs and best interests in mind. I am extremely likely to recommend Sandi and her she was extremely effective during negotiations.

Pam, Betty and Randy

We were extremely satisfied with the service provided by Sandi. She is the best. If there are any awards given, Sandi should get one. She worked extremely hard for us. If I gave her marks, it would be 100%. I loved how she was always smiling!!!!! Keep up the good work Sandi. We will definitely recommend her to others. Her advertising and marketing of our property was excellent, and she was extremely effective in negotiations. Sandi was on top of everything 10 out of 10, with communication being 100%. We are very happy and I like how Sandi was on top of everything and kept us up to date.

Jack & Carol

I was extremely satisfied with the service provided by Sandi. Sandi was willing to take on our transaction with a couple of unusual features and handled it very well. Sandi’s communication during offer negotiations was very effective. Sandi had to deal with two owners in common, who were never in the same place at the same time and handled this complexity very well. Sandi was straight forward, open, honest, thorough, helpful and available. There was no area Sandi could have improved on, as it is hard to improve on success. I am extremely likely to recommend Sandi to others. Verne

We were extremely satisfied with Sandi’s service and are highly likely to recommend her to others. Sandi’s performance was excellent and her communication during offer negotiations was very effective. We liked Sandi’s vigor, pleasantness and she was very professional! There were no areas of improvement that we can think of.

Rick & Cheryl

We were extremely satisfied with the service provided by Sandi. She fulfilled all our requests promptly and followed up by phone or email to confirm receipt and understanding. We are extremely likely to recommend Sandi to others. Sandi was warm and friendly while professional. Sandi phoned and/or emailed all details of negotiations so we were well informed, and maintained a very professional manner throughout the process. Sandi is a detailed researcher providing all the facts we needed to make our decisions and has an excellent personality for real estate.

Bela and Maria

We were extremely satisfied and very likely to recommend Sandi to others. It was a pleasure to work with Sandi. Sandi had supported us from the very beginning when we were in the process of buying a home. She sent us links to properties and was always available to answer any questions/concerns.She is a kind, caring, patient and very knowledgeable and professional individual. She helped us to find a home that was suitable for our needs and was accomodating in providing contacts for trades people and assisting us in many areas beyond her professional duties. We are very pleased with the purchase of our new home. Thank you Sandi for the excellent service that you provided for us. We will be happy to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a fantastic real estate agent.

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